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Business Events

Event photography for business corporate can be a lot of fun as they are always different and interesting. Our services for any required event will give you full photography coverage and we provide quality head shots if requested, group photo of all attendees, special photographs of couples, quality stage announcements and awards and red carpet photo studio services to help make the night feel like it’s full of photography surprises. Our work is a combination of creative visions, attention to detail, talent, followed by hard work and diverse experience.

We also offer photography packages for Social and Business Events, including holiday parties.
Contact us for more information, to view our portfolio, or to become part of our community group. 

Networking Events

Photistica Studios is proud to host and provide headshots for the Biz Babe Networking Event. The goal of this event is to build a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, and also to inspire, motivate and empower others to kick-start their ideas and advance their businesses to the next level.
As a support community for self-employed entrepreneurs, we share business ideas, referrals, and coaching, and become more aware of the importance of self-care, kindness and connections.

Contact us for more information or to become part of our community group

Thank you so much Sarah for a wonderful networking event and a lovely, inspiring, fun, sharing afternoon! I am so grateful to have met each one of the ladies present there today.

Tracy Purvis  

Inspirational Speaker and Author of ‘Gratitude Reciprocates: Lessons from a Brain Tumor

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